Soft Toys

You don’t have to be a little person to love our WWF luxury super cuddly soft toys – enjoy your very own wild animal at home and support them in the wild.

Panda Soft Toy
Elephant Soft ToyElephant Soft Toy
Tiger Soft ToyTiger Soft Toy
Tiger Soft Toy
From £13.99
Polar Bear Soft ToyPolar Bear Soft Toy
Polar Bear Soft Toy
From £12.99
Plush - Ebu ElephantPlush - Ebu Elephant
Penguin Soft Toy
Orangutan Soft ToyOrangutan Soft Toy
Plush - Panu Panda
Snow Leopard Soft ToySnow Leopard Soft Toy
Jaguar Soft ToyJaguar Soft Toy
Plush - Mago Monkey
Rhino Soft ToyRhino Soft Toy
Plush - Stevie SharkPlush - Stevie Shark
Lion Soft ToyLion Soft Toy
Lion Soft Toy

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