Veja Mid Canvas Amazon Clementine Ecru

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The Amazon Rainforest is the only place on earth where rubber trees grow in the wild and their sap can be extracted by rubber tappers without damaging or cutting down the trees.

These limited edition shoes were made in collaboration with Lily Cole and Veja for Sky Rainforest Rescue, and contain wild rubber from the Amazon in their soles.

The shoes, which have been kindly gifted to us by Sky, were created to showcase how people living in the Amazon can make a living by keeping the trees standing, rather than clearing the forest for other sources of income such as cattle.

We are now making the remaining stock available for £10 for the low tops and £11 for the high tops, with the full amount going towards WWF’s continuing work in the Amazon. (Please note: As these trainers were gifted to WWF, a postage charge of £6.50 is included in the cost)

The design is available in three colours and celebrates the smaller flora and fauna of the rainforest from the delicate wild mushroom to the enchanting hummingbird.

This hi-top trainer is orange organic canvas with black illustrations and natural trim. The soles are made from wild rubber from the Amazon. 

These shoes do come up on the small side, so so you might consider ordering a size larger than your normal shoe size.

One free canvas tote bag included with every purchase.


Upper 100% organic cotton, no chemical manure or pesticides used. Soles made from wild tapped Amazon Rubber, Forest Preservation project. Fair price paid to all small producers