Daisy London X Ellie Goulding Silver Chain Bracelet

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We are delighted to have these limited edition bracelets from Daisy London who have teamed up with global superstar Ellie Goulding to raise money and awareness for WWF's work on climate change. 

Ellie is not only known for her successful music career, but more recently her passion for our environment and how we as individuals can lift the harmful footprint we leave on nature. Climate change is the most pressing and critical threat to our planet today and tomorrow. Not only does it effect humans, it’s affecting our forests, our waters and our animals.

By buying and wearing this bracelet, you are supporting our fight against climate change.

Made from 100% recycled silver.

Size: 16cm (extendable by 2.6cm). Symbol measures 2cm

 Not suitable for small children


100% recycled sterling silver