Tiger Felt Keyring

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Paula Mignucci is a needle felting artist and owner of Ophelia & the Bear. She lives and works in the beautiful Surrey Hills where her love and respect for nature, combined with her design background, inspires her work. She also uses her work to bring awareness to some of the most endangered species on our planet.

Using only 100% British wool that is ethically sourced from slaughter-free flocks and is part of the sheep’s natural shearing process. She has full traceability of where her wool comes from and knows all of her wonderful suppliers personally, including most of the sheep’s names!

Working so closely with the raw product is crucial to Paula’s work and gives her a deeper respect for these beautiful creatures. Using the natural supply of wools from a variety of breeds ensures that each creation remains unique.

Her handcrafted collections range from playful creations for children’s rooms to commissioned pieces of framed art and can be found at www.opheliaandthebear.com.

Not suitable for babies or small children.