WWF Plush Ebu Elephant Soother
WWF Plush Ebu Elephant Soother
WWF Plush Ebu Elephant Soother
WWF Plush Ebu Elephant Soother

WWF Plush Ebu Elephant Soother

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Ebu elephant soother is designed for tiny hands and made from the finest and softest materials available - the perfect gift for your precious little ones. 

All plush animals are handmade, contain 100% recycled PET filling and are manufactured according to the highest standards when it comes to child safety and ethical production.

Thank you for leaving a better world for our babies!

Size 30cm

Made from: Exterior polyester, filling 100% recycled PET bottles

Suitable for babies & small children

Washing instructions:
Hand/surface washing with water not exceeding 30 degrees celsius.

Grasslands and savannahs represent some of the world’s richest and most diverse ecosystems

When you shop with WWF, you help protect a critical resource for biodiversity, a vital food source for wildlife and a crucial defence against climate change.

The coexistence between wildlife and grasses is key to healthy ecosystems

Our ambition is to stop the widespread destruction of grasslands and savannahs and make them a priority for conservation. Alongside partners around the world, we’re building a global coalition to manage surviving grasslands and to restore others that are vital to our world. We’re making sure wild grasslands stay wild, and that they are not over-grazed, over-farmed or threatened by pollution. And we’re tackling the illegal wildlife trade to protect the wildlife living there. 

Protecting elephants

A boom in demand for ivory means elephants are particularly at risk from poaching on the grass plains of the Mau-Mara-Serengeti. We’re helping to supply equipment like radio collars and microchips to monitor wildlife, and we’re working alongside field rangers who risk their lives to keep animals safe.


Stop the threat of over-farming

and make sure the world’s remaining grasslands are protected and sustainably managed.