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Charlie Mackesy Tote BagCharlie Mackesy Tote Bag
Charlie Mackesy Tote Bag
Sale price£10.99
Panda RPET foldaway bagPanda RPET foldaway bag
Panda RPET foldaway bag
Sale price£4
Panda RPET tote bagPanda RPET tote bag
Panda RPET tote bag
Sale price£4.50
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Tagua Nut NecklaceTagua Nut Necklace
Tagua Nut Necklace
Sale price£20 Regular price£25
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RPET Wash BagRPET Wash Bag
RPET Wash Bag
Sale price£3.50
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The Original Bee Revival KitThe Original Bee Revival Kit
The Original Bee Revival Kit
Sale price£10.99
WWF X 4ocean BraceletWWF X 4ocean Bracelet
WWF X 4ocean Bracelet
Sale price£19.99
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Critically Endangered Tie Dye Adult SocksCritically Endangered Tie Dye Adult Socks
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Fenella Smith Snow Leopard CollectionFenella Smith Snow Leopard Collection
Fenella Smith Snow Leopard Collection
Sale priceFrom £12.75 Regular price£17
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4ocean Anklet4ocean Anklet
4ocean Anklet
Sale price£19.99
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Chocolate AnimalsChocolate Animals
Chocolate Animals
Sale price£5.99
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Ritu EarringsRitu Earrings
Ritu Earrings
Sale price£28
Bamboo Bee Revival KitBamboo Bee Revival Kit
Bamboo Bee Revival Kit
Sale price£17.99
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Essential Oil SoapEssential Oil Soap
Essential Oil Soap
Sale price£6.60
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Ben Rothery Tote BagsBen Rothery Tote Bags
Ben Rothery Tote Bags
Sale price£21.50
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Charu BraceletCharu Bracelet
Charu Bracelet
Sale price£20
Aria Bracelet
Aria Bracelet
Sale price£20
DIY Bee Hotel Kit DIY Bee Hotel Kit 
DIY Bee Hotel Kit 
Sale price£24.99
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Kiara EarringsKiara Earrings
Kiara Earrings
Sale price£16 Regular price£25
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Hot Chocolate SpoonsHot Chocolate Spoons
Hot Chocolate Spoons
Sale price£2.79
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Gladiator snare braceletGladiator snare bracelet
Gladiator snare bracelet
Sale price£29.99 Regular price£39.99
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Patterns to Protect Colouring Book ~ UK EditionPatterns to Protect Colouring Book ~ UK Edition
Wild Isles Cotton Lawn ScarfWild Isles Cotton Lawn Scarf
Wild Isles Cotton Lawn Scarf
Sale price£24.99
Bee Revival Kit Gift BoxBee Revival Kit Gift Box
Bee Revival Kit Gift Box
Sale price£22
Adventure Recycled Roll-top BackpackAdventure Recycled Roll-top Backpack
Wild Isles Tea TowelWild Isles Tea Towel
Wild Isles Tea Towel
Sale price£9.99
4ocean Dolphin Beaded Bracelet - Limited Edition4ocean Dolphin Beaded Bracelet - Limited Edition
4ocean Dolphin Beaded Bracelet - Limited Edition
Sale price£19.99
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Vegan Dark Chocolate & Mint ThinsVegan Dark Chocolate & Mint Thins
Vegan Dark Chocolate & Mint Thins
Sale price£8.49
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WWF x Jane Foster Tote BagWWF x Jane Foster Tote Bag
WWF x Jane Foster Tote Bag
Sale price£21.50
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Dark Chocolate Praline TrufflesDark Chocolate Praline Truffles
Dark Chocolate Praline Truffles
Sale price£7.49
Wild Isles A5 Hardback NotebookWild Isles A5 Hardback Notebook
Wild Isles A5 Hardback Notebook
Sale price£8.99
Save 17%
Wild Isles A6 Notecard set of 8Wild Isles A6 Notecard set of 8
Wild Isles A6 Notecard set of 8
Sale price£4.99 Regular price£5.99
Bear Hug PrintBear Hug Print
Bear Hug Print
Sale price£20
Brass Swallow EarringsBrass Swallow Earrings
Brass Swallow Earrings
Sale price£11.50
Bee EarringsBee Earrings
Bee Earrings
Sale price£11.50
Wild Isles CushionWild Isles Cushion
Wild Isles Cushion
Sale price£23.99
Rainbow Panda Tote BagRainbow Panda Tote Bag
Rainbow Panda Tote Bag
Sale price£19.50
Adventure Recycled BackpackAdventure Recycled Backpack
Adventure Recycled Backpack
Sale price£35
Seedball wildflower bee mix tinSeedball wildflower bee mix tin
Seedball wildflower bee mix tin
Sale price£6.50
Supriti EarringsSupriti Earrings
Supriti Earrings
Sale price£20
Keya earringsKeya earrings
Keya earrings
Sale price£34
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Fenella Smith 'In The Wild' Aria PurseFenella Smith 'In The Wild' Aria Purse
Fenella Smith 'In The Wild' Aria Purse
Sale price£36
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Wild Isles Cotton PouchWild Isles Cotton Pouch
Wild Isles Cotton Pouch
Sale price£11.99
Save 13%
Limited Edition Cosy Gift BoxLimited Edition Cosy Gift Box
Limited Edition Cosy Gift Box
Sale price£69.99 Regular price£79.99
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Heera Earrings
Heera Earrings
Sale price£15
Mena earringsMena earrings
Mena earrings
Sale price£15
Kanika EarringsKanika Earrings
Kanika Earrings
Sale price£28
4ocean Puffer Fish Beaded Bracelet - Limited Edition4ocean Puffer Fish Beaded Bracelet - Limited Edition
Bee BangleBee Bangle
Bee Bangle
Sale price£18
Fenella Smith 'In The Wild' Lulu BagFenella Smith 'In The Wild' Lulu Bag
4ocean Penguin Beaded Bracelet - Black & Yellow4ocean Penguin Beaded Bracelet - Black & Yellow
Fenella Smith 'In The Wild' WashbagFenella Smith 'In The Wild' Washbag
Fenella Smith 'In The Wild' Recycled Shopping ToteFenella Smith 'In The Wild' Recycled Shopping Tote
Bee Small NecklaceBee Small Necklace
Bee Small Necklace
Sale price£17

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