Paul Delaney

WWF-UK have teamed up with illustrator Paul Delaney to bring you a brand new & exclusive kids collection along with hand-signed art prints available only on the WWF Shop!
Paul Delaney combines his love of animals, character & shape to bring you a refreshing aesthetic bursting with colour, texture & personality, topped off, as Paul would say “with a little sprinkling of anarchy.”
His unique & playful approach has attracted a huge following to his work, which you can see more of by checking out his very entertaining Instagram account here:

You can find more about Paul and his work by visiting

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Paul Delaney 'Brussels Trout' Christmas JumperPaul Delaney 'Brussels Trout' Christmas Jumper
Paul Delaney 'Brussels Trout' Christmas Jumper
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Exclusive Paul Delaney Penguin T-ShirtsExclusive Paul Delaney Penguin T-Shirts
Exclusive Paul Delaney Penguin T-Shirts
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Exclusive Paul Delaney Adult T-ShirtsExclusive Paul Delaney Adult T-Shirts
Exclusive Paul Delaney Adult T-Shirts
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Whale PrintWhale Print
Whale Print
Sale price£20
Toucan PrintToucan Print
Toucan Print
Sale price£20
Toad PrintToad Print
Toad Print
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Goldfish PrintGoldfish Print
Goldfish Print
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Exclusive Paul Delaney Kids T-ShirtsExclusive Paul Delaney Kids T-Shirts
Exclusive Paul Delaney Kids T-Shirts
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Zebra PrintZebra Print
Zebra Print
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Seals PrintSeals Print
Seals Print
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Lion PrintLion Print
Lion Print
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Koala PrintKoala Print
Koala Print
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Giraffe PrintGiraffe Print
Giraffe Print
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Fox PrintFox Print
Fox Print
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Flamingo PrintFlamingo Print
Flamingo Print
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Cheetah PrintCheetah Print
Cheetah Print
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Chameleon PrintChameleon Print
Chameleon Print
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Bear Hug PrintBear Hug Print
Bear Hug Print
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