Kiara Earrings
Kiara Earrings
Kiara Earrings
Kiara Earrings

Kiara Earrings

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Kiara statement, tassel earrings are a colourful addition to an everyday outfit. Modern, easy to match with casual outfits, dressing up or anything in between. These earrings are handmade from recycled gold plated brass and colourful silk tassels recycled from old sari's. 

This product is ethically made by small scale, women-led artisans producers in Delhi, India. In addition to paying living wage, they also provide health care and adult literacy classes.

This beautiful piece of environmentally-friendly jewellery, would make a great gift for any fashion lover, with your purchase positively impacting the lives of the artisans and their surrounding communities. The perfect gift for any occasion. 

  Handmade in Delhi, India

  Recycled brass (nickel free), recycled sari fabric

   L7cm x W5cm

  Meaningful hours of labour: 6

To clean jewellery, wipe lightly with a damp cotton cloth to remove surface dirt or dust

Please Note: We do not accept returns on earrings unless faulty


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