Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set
Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set
Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set
Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set
Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set
Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set
Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set
Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set

Floral Flamingo Bath Gift Set

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Lovingly handcrafted by the Soap Leaf Co. these bath gift sets salts, are the perfect relaxation treat made from a serene blend of natural ingredients to soothe your skin and calm your senses. 

Soap Bar - Made with a natural blend of coconut oil, olive oil and cocoa butter this soap will leave you feeling calm and harmonized. The addition of red clay will enrich your skin with minerals giving a soft, natural hue reminiscent of flamingo feathers. With the woodsy notes of sandalwood, mixed with ylang ylang, rose, cedarwood and patchouli, the essential oil mix will lift your spirits with it’s sweet, delicate aroma.

With the grace and charm of nature's best florals, this bar promises to be a heavenly addition to your skin.

SizeH 6 x L 6.5 x W 2cm 85g Packed in Recyclable FSC Certified card boxes

Please note: dimensions will vary due to the handmade nature of the soap bars

Bath Salts - Enriched with mineral-packed Himalayan sea salt, harmoniously scented with the exquisite essences of rose and sandalwood essential oils. The floral elegance of rose essential oil delicately intertwines with the warm and grounding notes of sandalwood, creating a captivating and harmonious aroma. Coloured with red clay these salts will transform your bath into a spa-like treat, offering a rejuvenating soak that helps ease muscle tension and promotes a sense of well-being. Infused with the nourishing touch of sweet almond oil, your bath becomes a hydrating and skin-loving retreat. 

Size: 11.4 x 16.2 cm 250g 

Bath Salts come in Glassine bags with Silica gel sachet as we need to protect them from moisture. These bags are derived from paper rather than plastic. Please check your local recycling options via www.recyclenow.com to see if you can recycle them at home

Colour and appearance may vary from imagery due to the handcrafted nature of these bath salts.

Body Butter- A luxurious blend of Mango, Shea, and Organic Cocoa butter, complemented by the nourishing properties of avocado and sunflower oils. Infused with the harmonious aromas of rose and patchouli essential oils, this body butter is a celebration of floral elegance. The inclusion of vitamin E enhances the protective qualities of this body butter, ensuring your skin stays resilient. 

Size: Tin 8.1 x 2.7cm Min 100g

Colours and appearance may differ from images due to the handmade nature of the Body Butters.

Body Balm The rich organic cocoa butter and Shea butter deeply moisturise, sweet almond and sunflower oils work in tandem to deliver essential nutrients, leaving your skin feeling supple and rejuvenated. Coloured with French red clay and subtly fragranced with rose essential oil, this balm will sooth and nurture your skin Vitamin E adds an extra layer of protection, promoting healthy, radiant skin. Delicately fragranced with the essence of roses, this body balm is a celebration of floral indulgence.

Size: 60g Tin diameter 7 x height 2.5 cm

Colour and appearance may vary from images due to the handcrafted nature of the body balms.

Not suitable for under 3 years

For external use only, keep away from eyes, do not use on sore or broken skin, discontinue use if irritation occurs


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