AFYW- What the Seagrass Says Limited Edition Print
AFYW- What the Seagrass Says Limited Edition Print
AFYW- What the Seagrass Says Limited Edition Print
AFYW- What the Seagrass Says Limited Edition Print

AFYW- What the Seagrass Says Limited Edition Print

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This limited edition print, is just one of 100 designed by the internationally renowned artist Heather Phillipson exclusively for this campaign

Art For Your World is WWF’s campaign to mobilise and unite the art world in the fight against the climate crisis. The funds raised by Art For Your World will be used to support key areas of WWF’s work that contribute to combatting dangerous climate change, such as: halting deforestation; supporting communities; restoring trees and forests; replanting seagrass meadows; protecting endangered species; and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

"I am for the seagrass and everything it shelters. Seagrass is sensitive and a home for multitudes and a barometer for what we’re wrecking. We need to attend to the seagrass and what the seagrass is telling us."– Heather Philipson

Size of print: 54.5cm x 39.3cm

Silk screen on 4.5mm EB Flute corrugated card. Hand finished with torn edges.

Delivery included.


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