Wild Isles Cushion
Wild Isles Cushion
Wild Isles Cushion
Wild Isles Cushion

Wild Isles Cushion

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WWF and the RSPB have collaborated with artist Cherith Harrison to create an exclusive range of products that make the perfect gift for any nature lover. The colourful design celebrates two heroes of our wild isles – the mighty oak and the captivating starling.

Bring the British countryside straight onto your sofa with this beautiful cushion made from 100% organic cotton, printed with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 water-based dyes and filled with synthetic filler produced from recycled plastic bottles. 

Size: 40cm x 40cm


The UK is currently one of the most nature-depleted countries on the planet. When you shop with WWF, you’re joining a national movement to nurture and replenish the UK’s land, rivers, seascapes and wildlife.


From puffins to bluebells, bumblebees to mountain hares, UK wildlife is feeling the heat from climate change and struggling to adapt. Our 2024 manifesto highlights that a quarter of UK mammals, including red squirrels, hedgehogs and wildcats, are now at risk of extinction. Together, we can ensure that we support our climate, nature and food security whenever we use our land and seas. By applying pressure on government and decision makers, we believe we can rewire our economy to be nature and climate-positive, by changing how we heat our homes, our travel and the way we grow and buy our food.

Wild Ingleborough

WWF is working on a visionary landscape-scale restoration project known as Wild Ingleborough, hoping to return an iconic area in the Yorkshire Dales to its former glory. So far, an incredible 65,000 trees have been planted, building a better future for the UK’s uplands and species that live there. 


Restore our key waterways

and protect the habitats of all kinds of animals, fish, insects and plants.