On October 20th, we released 3 exclusive limited edition prints from internationally renowned artists Chila Kumari Singh Burman, Heather Phillipson and Bob and Roberta Smith in Support of the WWF.

The funds raised by Art For Your World will be used to support key areas of WWF’s work that contribute to combatting dangerous climate change, such as: halting deforestation; supporting communities; restoring trees and forests; replanting seagrass meadows; protecting endangered species; and promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Fierceness in Scarcity Chila Kumari Singh Burman £595 | Edition of 100 | 51.0cm x 38.5cm Learn More
What the Seagrass Says Heather Phillipson £595 | Edition of 100 | 54.5cm x 39.3cm Learn More
Art For Your World Bob and Roberta Smith £595 | Edition of 100 | 60.0cm x 58.5cm Learn More
Art For Your World Tote Bag £24.99 | Limited Edition Learn More
Art For Your World Badge £3.50 | Limited Edition Learn More